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IT Services staff

Stuart AllenMichael AndersonAlistair Armitt
Melanie AtkinsGrace BlackHelen Boyd
Andrew BraidDuncan BrannenNicholas Brew
Pauline BrownCalum CahillJonathan Callan
Mark CathroGeorge ChristodoulatosLee Coomber
Jason CormieHannah CouttsGregory Cowey
Mark CoxDennis CrossanVictoria Davidson-Mayhew
Niels Di FolcoBrenda DobieKevin Donachie
Dean DrewStephen EvansSam Foster
Geraldine GillespieJudith GoligherSteven Gonzalez
Christopher GordonMoira GraingerPatrick Green
Graham HalleyPaul HarrymanDaryl Haynes
Andrew HoweAlex InglesDavid Jarratt
Greg JenningsMartin KerrGeeve Khosraviani
Michael KiplingAlistair KirkKrzystof Kosecki
Karen LaingHamish LawsonRobert Leiper
Kieran MacLeanIain McConnellDhani McDiarmid
Ian McDonaldIan McDougallRobert McElney
Alistair McIntoshStephen McLeodFinlay Miller
Christopher MilneBruno MirandaJames Moonie
Michael MulreanyElizabeth NisbetErin Niven
Gerardo OlaezCaroline PeterKaren Porteous
James PorterStuart PurdiePamela Reid
Natalie RidgeMark RobinsonSian Robinson
Amanda RossMorgan RourkeGary Russell
Gareth SaundersAnkit SawaRaymond Schiavetta
Neil SinclairAntonios StergiopoulosPhilip Stockwell
Laura SuttieJune SymeKevin Thomson
Hugh WatsonSteven WattJune Weir
Erin WoodPeter WoodbridgeDavid Wykes
Sara Young

Stuart Allen

Business Intelligence Developer

Phone: 01334 4614204

Michael Anderson

Enterprise Applications Specialist

Phone: 01334 462538

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Responsible for:

1. Data Warehouse Maintenance and Development.

I work on ensuring that data from multiple sources within the University administration are brought together in a form suitable for both reporting via tools such as Access, APEX & Qlickview and for use by many other systems such as Advising, CHARM, Terminal4, etc.

2. Oracle Database Administration.

I also ensure that the many Oracle databases used by the University (whether home-grown such as the Data Warehouse and Docman or third-party such as SITS and Aptos) meet University requirements. This role concentrates mainly on speed and efficiency of operation, ensuring high-availability and backing up data.

3. Systems Development and Support.

This brings together my other two roles, using my knowledge of data and databases to design and create software for administrative units or to assist other BI developers in their work.

Systems I have been involved in creating or supporting include: 

  • Advising
  • Exam timetabling
  • Finance Reports
  • Graduation Administration
  • HEAR Reports
  • Payment Cards
  • Procurement Advisory Database
  • PURE
  • Risk Register
  • WPM
  • etc.

Alistair Armitt

Service Desk Analyst

Phone: 01334 462756

Melanie Atkins

Desktop Analyst

Phone: 01334 461705

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I currently work in the Desktop Development team within IT services, my role is varied and diverse. My primary role this summer is project manager for the Uniprint project. I also provide 2nd line support within the desktop team.

Grace Black

Telephone Operator

Phone: 01334 46

Helen Boyd

Business Analyst

Phone: 01334 467290

Andrew Braid

Desktop Technician

Phone: 01334 462746

Duncan Brannen

Systems & Enterprise Applications Team Leader

Phone: 01334 462778

Nicholas Brew

Applications Specialist - Student Information Systems

Phone: 01334 462748

Pauline Brown

Service Operations Manager

Phone: 01334 464701

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We know the importance of the relationship between IT & the students, Academic Schools and Service Units as well as our suppliers/partners. I act as a liaison between the business and the IT department to facilitate and improve the effectiveness of communication. I keep clients fully informed of progress and ensure new business requirements are delivered on time and within budget. I will actively promote the work of IT Services to the wider community through a variety of communication methods. My remit is to look at our service from the customer perspective - and that our message is clear, easy to understand and helpful. Previous roles include: Support Services Manager for Angus Council (2010-2012), Conference Manager at the University of St Andrews (2005-2010) and G8 Planning Team Manager at Tayside Pollice (2004-2005). All roles have involved customer engagement, high levels of customer care and liaison and project management - delivering projects within strict deadlines. Prince 2 qualified.    

Calum Cahill

Apprentice Media Services Technician

Phone: 01334 463674

Jonathan Callan

Network Infrastructure Specialist

Phone: 01334 462541

Mark Cathro

Apprentice IT Service Desk Analyst

Phone: 01334 462045

George Christodoulatos

Student Records Graduate Developer

Phone: 01334 462781

Lee Coomber

Applications Developer

Phone: 01334 462749

Jason Cormie

Technical Architect

Phone: 01334 461709

Hannah Coutts

Senior Business Intelligence Developer

Phone: 01334 4614200

Gregory Cowey

Applications Developer (SER)

Phone: 01334 462774

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I'm an experienced java developer, having worked previously in Airline, Investment Bank and Retail industries.

Among the bigger projects I've worked on are British Airways Online Check in and the Ecommerce site for JD Williams.

I am experienced in Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Struts MVC, Ibatis, XML

I am now working on the Paperless Decision Making project and will probably be moving onto the new Advising project.

Mark Cox

Desktop Development Team Leader

Phone: 01334 462822

Dennis Crossan

Network & Infrastructure Technician

Phone: 01334 462743

Victoria Davidson-Mayhew

EAI MMS Developer

Phone: 01334 463273

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Part of the MMS Team

Niels Di Folco

Applications Developer

Phone: 01334 462793

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After graduating with a BA in Infomation Management I worked for the Scottish Executive for a number of years and gained knowledge of PRINCE II, Oracle and development tools.

My role includes developing in Oracle APEX, Form, Reports, Application Server, SQL, PL, Client, AJAX, UNIX and some Oracle DBA functions when required. I also create and maintain numerous Access DBs for various departments such as Admissions, Registry, EHSS, HR and Finance.

Brenda Dobie

Desktop Operations Supervisor

Phone: 01334 462534

Kevin Donachie

Associate CIO (Service Delivery)

Phone: 01334 462790

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In my current role at the University I am responsible for the Service Delivery function comprising of 27 staff who deliver Telephony Services, Service Desk, Desktop Support provision, Media Service provision and support for Research Computing.

Dean Drew

Associate CIO (Enterprise Applications & Infrastructure)

Phone: 01334 464020

Stephen Evans

Web & Portal Team Leader

Phone: 01334 462540

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I am responsible for the management and development of the University of St Andrews website. This includes managing the University's content management system. In addition, I support and assist all service Units and Schools with any web related matters.

My main interests are information architecture and developing solutions to enhance the ways the web is used to organise and disseminate information.

Sam Foster

Service Desk Analyst

Phone: 01334 464722

Geraldine Gillespie

Access Control Supervisor

Phone: 01334 462532

Judith Goligher

SITS Application Specialist

Phone: 01334 462592

Steven Gonzalez

Desktop Technician

Phone: 01334 464731

Christopher Gordon

Applications Developer

Phone: 01334 462738

Moira Grainger

Network Infrastructure Specialist

Phone: 01334 462767

Patrick Green

IT Security Officer

Phone: 01334 462759

Graham Halley

IT Service Desk Supervisor

Phone: 01334 467277

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Current role

  • IT Service Desk Supervisor
  • Operational management of IT Service Desk
  • IT Service Desk web content management
  • Mobile communications development, maintenance and support
  • Other work as required

Previous roles

  • IT technician
  • Telecoms technician
  • IT Helpdesk manager
  • User Services computing officer
  • IT trainer

Paul Harryman

Telephone System Administrator

Phone: 01334 462100

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To monitor and control the University's telecommunications facilities (system administration, operators, University telephone handsets and call information logging equipment (CILE)).

Job Description (abridged)

Duties include:

  • Managing and controlling the telephone operator functions.
  • Monitoring the telephone system using CILE and system administration terminal.
  • Ensuring that system adjustments are made to satisfy user requirements (number changes, access category changes, etc.).
  • Handling routine complaints, enquiries, fault reporting and rectification. This is to include operating standards, telephone repairs and replacements.
  • Maintaining system records including the on-line staff directories, mobile telephone contracts and pagers.
  • Correlating orders for data and telephone socket requests including customer liaison to discuss user requirements
  • Maintaining a database of equipment, hardware specifications, spare holdings, software updates, external line plant and comprehensive records
  • Compiling CILE reports and conducting ivestigations as and when required
  • Telephone exchange security
  • Assisting the Service Delivery Manager with the control and general administration and financial elements of the telephone system to include:
    • Budgetary assistance
    • Accurate call charging by rendering monthly accounts
    • Liaising with Finance to facilitate call billing
    • Distribution of call logging information to departments
    • Preparing expenditure estimates and obtaining approval
    • Ensuring that staff are kept up to date with current procedures
    • Monitoring of contractor staff
    • Ensuring all aspects of telephone billing are carried out


Tel: 01334 (46) 2100

Fax: 01334 (46) 2004

Daryl Haynes

Media Services Technician

Phone: 01334 463674

Andrew Howe

Head of End User Services

Phone: 01334 462787

Alex Ingles

ICT Resources Officer

Phone: 01334 464009

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As ICT Resources Officer, I am responsible for:

  • developing and monitoring the IT Services budget
  • centralised purchasing of ICT equipment, software and services
  • centralised asset management

David Jarratt

Media Services Technician

Phone: 01334 463674

Greg Jennings

Apprentice Service Desk Analyst

Phone: 01334 462765

Martin Kerr

Database Administrator

Phone: 01334 462788

Geeve Khosraviani

Applications Developer

Phone: 01334 462791

Michael Kipling

IT Systems Administrator

Phone: 01334 464707

Alistair Kirk

Systems Specialist

Phone: 01334 462009

Krzystof Kosecki

Desktop Technician

Phone: 01334 462772

Karen Laing

Change Facilitator

Phone: 01334 461700

Hamish Lawson

Software Engineer

Phone: 01334 463390

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I'm experienced in most of areas of software development, particularly for the web.

Among the bigger projects I've worked on are Advising, Student Records and Research Expertise. I am now working on the Messaging project, which enables targeted delivery of newsfeeds and messages to a particular audience.

Robert Leiper

Business Analyst

Phone: 01334 461719

Kieran MacLean

Desktop Analyst

Phone: 01334 461703

Iain McConnell

IT Systems Specialist

Phone: 01334 461702

Dhani McDiarmid

Desktop Technician

Phone: 01334 462763

Ian McDonald

Network Infrastructure Team Leader

Phone: 01334 462779

Ian McDougall

Enterprise Applications Specialist

Phone: 01334 462388

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Responsible for:

1. Data Warehouse

I am responsible for the development and maintenance of the accurate and timely flow of various data feeds from HR, the Telephone Office, IDM and Medical Sciences into the Data Warehouse. Once in the data warehouse, I ensure that this data is presented for use by a number of other systems and forms the basis for much of the University's data reporting.

2. Oracle and SQL Server Database Administrator

As a DBA, I provide support for both Oracle and SQL Server Databases, including the installation, maintenance and administration of these systems.

3. Access Control

As Access Control manager, I am responsible for the running of the University's Access Control system, supporting the system's day-to-day operation, integrating the system with new technologies, developing new tools to support current requirements as well as providing data feeds out to other systems such as the Library and Sports Centre, and providing staff and student images to other University systems. I am also responsible, through Access Control, for providing a variety of ID Card driven events such as the Library Footfall surveys and student elections.

4. HR System

I am the Systems Administrator for the HR system, ResourceLink, I am responsible for system level support and administration, data reporting issues, installation of system patches and upgrades and data copies. I also support and administer MyView, the system's web front end, WebView and the Document Storage system.

5. Sports Centre

I am the Systems Admin for Sports Centre servers, applications and SQL Server databases as well as providing the Sports Centre with a daily feed of staff and student data.

Additionally, I am a Cognos Administrator and .NET developer.

Robert McElney

Service Desk Analyst

Phone: 01334 462773

Alistair McIntosh

IT Systems Specialist

Phone: 01334 462744

Stephen McLeod

Desktop Analyst

Phone: 01334 464703

Finlay Miller

Head of Business Transformation Portfolio Office

Phone: 01334 462784

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  • Investigate and identify areas for change
  • Develop Lean skills and approaches in employees
  • Manage implementation of projects
  • Provide direction for organisational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Manage expectations surrounding organisational change
  • Resolve conflicting agendas
  • Increase team work across functional areas

Previous Projects

  • Scottish Executive DSA validation
  • PC Clinic development and advertising
  • Student Services DSA web portal
  • Student Services Loan Equipment service
  • ATR (Assistive Technology Room)
  • Saintmail
  • Procurement of site licensed assistive software

Christopher Milne

Associate CIO (Information Assurance & Governance)

Phone: 01334 464010

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Chris is Associate Chief Information Officer (Information Assurance & Governance) at the University of St Andrews. Although born in Glasgow (1972), he considers the North East of Scotland to be his home, having spent much time in Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Aberdeen. He now lives in Brought Ferry.

Chris read Librarianship and Information Studies at the Robert Gordon University (RGU), graduating with first class honours (1994), before reading for a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Analysis (1995). Following a short spell in industry as an IT trainer, Chris returned to RGU, where he was responsible for developing IT skills teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate modules.

In 1996 Chris joined the University of Abertay Dundee, where he has had rich and varied career, predominately in the field of information management (academic librarian) and latterly as the officer responsible for corporate information management (data protection, freedom of information) and risk management across the University. Chris also served as one of the 4 Depute heads of Information Services. Whilst at Abertay, he trained as a human resources manager (Graduate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (2004)) and as a Records Manager, MSc with distinction (2007) from Northumbria University. He has also published in the fields of information literacy (2004) and records management – advocating the use of records management information retrieval philosophies as a means of improving access to information from corporate Websites (2007) and (2010).

Chris’s has also work has involved a number of cross-institutional projects. He was project manager of a SFC funded project to implement that National Entitlement (smart) Card (NEC) across Scotland’s universities and colleges and has been a consultant on a British Council project to develop information literacy frameworks in sub-Saharan universities. In both instances Chris was involved in developing and securing the funding bids £93,000 and £250,000 respectively. More recently, Chris was the project manager for the V&A at Dundee public consultation and architectural competition –working with Dundee University, Dundee City Council, Scottish Enterprise, attracting c16,000 visitors.

In his current role at the University he is responsible developing and implementing tools and frameworks that assist the University in improving the effectiveness and resilience of its information systems and the information, data and records held by the institution. Without being reckless, Chris has a business focused view of legislation and regulation – in that it should aid institutions in their mission and development and not hinder them via obsessive compliance and the introduction of unnecessary and/or artificial barriers.  The Data Protection Act for example is a set of 8 principles of good information management – that if adopted (proportionality) will help organisations improve and become more effective. Chris is also part of the senior management team of IT Services and in that is responsible for providing leadership and direction as IT Services emerges from a period of reorganisation. He also has responsibility for policy development and implementation.

Chris is married to Jill, and enjoys a range of pursuits including hill walking, attempting to complete cryptic crosswords. He also follows Aberdeen football club.

Bruno Miranda

Business Intelligence Developer

Phone: 01334 4614201

James Moonie

Media Services Technician

Phone: 01334 463674

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Media Services Technician, part of Media Services, which in turn is part of IT Services. Within the team of Media Services, I take responsibility for assisting lecturers and conference organizers to successfully operate existing audio/visual equipment in the lecture rooms and conference areas of the University, including setting up additional equpment as needed to make the lectures and conferences a good success. During semesters the work is mostly teaching based, while during vacation periods the work is centred around both University and external conferences. We will install whatever equipment is needed, appropriate to the needs of our clients, whether it is extra microphones, projectors, public address systems or more complex gear.  

I deal with video shooting, editing and DVD authoring of keynote lectures, events and conferences including format conversion and posting on web sites. We are directly involved in the live broadcast of graduation ceremonies as well as streaming other large scale conferences and events.  

Michael Mulreany

media Services Technician

Phone: 01334 463674

Elizabeth Nisbet

Assistant Telephone System Administrator

Phone: 01334 467221

Erin Niven

Apprentice Media Services Technician

Phone: 01334 463674

Gerardo Olaez

Applications Developer

Phone: 01334 462758

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Expertise: Full life cycle of Software Systems, Java technologies, SITS/eVision development, Database design and SQL scripting.

Past Projects: Freedom of Information, Scholarships applications, Online course applications, Online Matriculation

Current role: Bespoke SITS/eVision development for Registry, Admissions, Finance, etc.  Java applications support

Current Projects: Fund Manager Module, Graduation Registration, Online Matriculation

Caroline Peter

Retired Member of Staff

Phone: 01334 46

Karen Porteous

Systems Administrator

Phone: 01334 462769

James Porter

Service Desk Analyst

Phone: 01334 462044

Stuart Purdie

Applications Developer

Phone: 01334 463273

Pamela Reid

Access Control Supervisor

Phone: 01334 462755

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I am responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of the University's Central Access Control System of which there are 650 doors with more projects planned for the next year. I am responsible for the programming of the access control system so that cards will swipe at the various areas, liaising with building contacts regarding access control needs, and for investigating all faults that occur on the system - fixing if possible or contacting the Access Control Engineer.

I also provide assistance to the Out of Hours Team regarding all access control problems that occur on the Central Access Control System.

I am very closely involved with Estates regarding the installation of Disabled Automatic Doors and Access Control throughout the University - this is now an on going project.

I am also responsible for the production of ID Cards for all University staff, students and visiting scholars. The Sports Centre and all visitor cards as and when required for the various area's, all day to day administration of the card production system - acting on daily emails ie: issuing replacement cards due to loss or damage.

Responsible for the changing of Data Backup tapes from the various Admin Servers located throughout the University as and when required.

I am  the Health & Safety Co-ordinator for IT Services, it is my responsiblity to keep the Health & Safety Policy up to date along with the varous procedures making sure that they are put into practice.

Natalie Ridge

Applications Developer

Phone: 01334 462764

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Expertise in SITS/eVision developments, Project Management and Facilitation. 

Previous and current projects

  • Development of the Taught Postgraduate online application system (SITS IPP) and post-application management via eVision
  • Project management and design of the CHARM (Chemical Hazard and Risk Management) system and the proposed replacement CHARM 2
  • Project management and development of eVision rebranding and ongoing eVision developments
  • Project management and development of the Student Self Certificate process in SITS and eVision
  • Project Management and set up of the Accessibility management module in SITS for recording Student's special needs and information disemination via eDIf (eVision components)
  • Project Management and set up of Student Personal Details table to record student's visits to Student Services
  • Project facilitation and design of DOCMAN

Mark Robinson

Director (St Andrews Lean Consultancy)

Phone: 01334 466021

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I am Head of the Lean Team.

The role of the Team is to, through application of the Lean approach, help make the University more effective and efficient. For more about Lean at the University please see 

Sian Robinson

Unit Administrator

Phone: 01334 462770

Amanda Ross

ICT Purchasing Officer

Phone: 01334 464728

Morgan Rourke

Apprentice Desktop Technician

Phone: 01334 462763

Gary Russell

Service Desk Analyst

Phone: 01334 464721

Gareth Saunders

Web Architect

Phone: 01334 462783

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A graduate of St Andrews (1989-1993), Gareth returned to the University in May 2006 to join the then-newly established web team as Assistant Information Architect/Web Manager to work on a project to migrate the existing University websites into a new, single site managed within an enterprise content management system.

Gareth's primary interests lie in Web design, information architecture (organising information, website and page structures), HTML, CSS, jQuery (JavaScript), accessibility, usability and Agile project management.

Previous projects that Gareth has been involved in have included:

  • Redesign of the main University website.
  • Migration of the University website into a content management system (TerminalFour Site Manager).
  • Redesign of various websites including School of Divinity, Saints Sport, and ELT.
  • Reskinning various third-party Web applications, including SAULCAT.

Gareth is involved in all aspects of website management, design and redesign.

Ankit Sawa

MMS Developer

Phone: 01334 462771

Raymond Schiavetta

Desktop Technician

Phone: 01334 461712

Neil Sinclair

Assistant System Administrator

Phone: 01334 462792

Antonios Stergiopoulos

Business Relationship Support Officer

Phone: 01334 462754

Philip Stockwell

Project Manager

Phone: 01334 461780

Laura Suttie

Telephone Operator

June Syme

Retired Staff Member

Phone: 01334 46

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Along with my colleague Pam Reid, we are Access Control/ID-Card Administrators.

We are responsible for the day to day operation of the University's Central Access Control System and ID-Card System.

There are 417 doors on the access control system at present with new projects planned for the coming year. We also work with Estates Building Officer regarding the installation of Disabled Automatic Doors which is now an ongoing process. We liaise with named persons within each building regarding their access control needs.

We are responsible for the programming of the access control system to allow cards to swipe at the various areas and are the first point of contact for investigating any faults that occur on the system, reported to us either by departments or the Out of Hours Team - fixing where possible and contacting access control engineers if required.

We are responsible for the production of ID-Cards for all staff, students and visitors of the University. We provide cards for various other parties i.e. Sports Centre.

We are responsible for the rotation of data backup tapes of the various admin systems.

We are also the Health & Safety Co-ordinators for IT Services.

Some of our day-to-day admin tasks involve issuing replacement cards due to loss or damage, dealing with emails regarding access to buildings or Library borrowing.

Kevin Thomson

Applications Development Team Leader

Phone: 01334 462745

Hugh Watson

Systems Specialist

Phone: 01334 461704

Steven Watt

Chief Information Officer

Phone: 01334 467244

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Steve Watt is Chief Information Officer at the University of St Andrews. A native of Scotland he was born in Dundee in 1971. He currently lives north of Dundee in the county of Angus.


Steve was educated at the University of Abertay Dundee where he gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Building Engineering & Management, a Master of Science degree in Information Technology and later a Master of Business Administration degree. He has also attended the Advanced Management Programme at the University of Edinburgh.


Steve is a European Engineer, Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.


He has worked primarily in the Higher Education sector in a variety of roles which have included Network Analyst, IT Manager, Depute Head of Information Services and Chief Information Officer (CIO).


Steve has also worked in the private sector for Low & Bonar plc in both Europe and North America. In this role he was responsible for the co-ordination and delivery of corporate IT provision at around 52 locations which included the provisioning and management of wide area networking, telecommunications, groupware and systems management working with outsourced partners centralising the core ICT support for all sites in the UK. He has also worked as a consultant across a range of industries.


In his current role at the University of St Andrews he is responsible for the IT Services function comprising of around 75 staff. He is responsible for a centrally provided IT provision, information assurance & governance and business transformation.


He is a member of the Board of Governors of Angus College and Chair of the Higher Education IT Directors in Scotland Group.

June Weir

FOI/Records Manager

Phone: 01334 462776

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I work in the area of information governance and assist the University in meeting the requirements of the following pieces of legislation:

  • Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002
  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2003
  • Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

The main focus of my role is receiving and processing requests for information as appropriate and providing advice and guidance to Schools and Units on records management practices.  I also have responsibility for maintaining and monitoring the University’s Publication Scheme.

In addition I administer licences to enable the University to carry out copying activities, offering advice and support as required to staff and students on copyright-related matters.

Recent previous roles include:  Performance Management Co-ordinator for NHS Fife (2007-2009); Information Governance Project Officer at the Care commision in Dundee (2005-2007); Office Manager for NHS Fife (1992-2005); Legal Secretary in private sector (1985-1992).

I have mostly worked in the public sector and all my previous roles have required a high level of organisational, people and project management skills

Erin Wood

Business Intelligence Developer

Phone: 01334 467278

Peter Woodbridge

Web Developer

Phone: 01334 4614027

David Wykes

IT Systems Specialist (Microsoft)

Phone: 01334 464706

Sara Young

Business Intelligence Developer

Phone: 01334 4614208


IT Services

Butts Wynd Building
Butts Wynd
St Andrews
KY16 9AL
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (1334) 462770
Fax:+44 (1334) 462759