Prof David Brown – Professorial Fellow of ITIA

Prof David Brown studied Classics at Edinburgh University before reading Philosophy and Theology at Oxford. A doctorate in Moral Philosophy from Cambridge led to an early publishing interest in relations between philosophy and theology during his fourteen years teaching at Oxford. Thereafter as a professor at Durham and now at St Andrews his focus widened to a more general interest in relations between theology and the wider culture, especially as this is reflected in the arts. A five-volumed work written for Oxford University Press pursues that concern with extensive discussions of the visual arts, architecture, music (classical and popular), ballet, poetry and the theatre. Included also are some perhaps more unexpected topics such as food, gardens and sport. These writings, as well as other essays, witness to David Brown’s conviction that theology in the modern period has unnecessarily narrowed its horizons and that God is relevant to every aspect of human experience.

Prof Brown welcomes applications for postgraduate research in any aspect of the relationship between theology and the wider culture, particularly the arts (all branches) and philosophy.

Tim Allen – Heaven in Contemporary Culture
Thomas C. Brauer - Theological Understandings of Photography
Len Cazaly (first supervisor, jointly with Dr Gavin Hopps) – Religious Themes in Bob Dylan
Rebekah Dyer - Fire and the Multivalence of Images
Joshua Genig – Sacramentality of Preaching
Sarah Maple – The Human Body in Modern Art
Christoph Mayr (first supervisor, jointly with Dr Roger Allen of St  Peter’s College, Oxford) – Sacred and Secular in Bruckner’s Music
Larry Nichols – The Ascension in Lutheran Theology
Sara Schumacher – Contemporary Church Patronage of the Visual Arts
Elijah Wade Smith – Pop Music as Parables of the Kingdom of God
Jeffrey Steel – Lancelot Andrews and Ecumenical Dialogue
Simon Vaughan – Twentieth century approaches to poetry

Prof Brown has also supervised Dave Reinhardt and Tanya Walker during Prof Trevor Hart’s research leave from 2010-2011.

For more details visit Prof Brown's profile on the St Mary’s College website, where his general philosophy in supervising research students is explained, as well as a list given of the range of topics he has helped to bring to a successful conclusion.





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