Travis Buchanan (PhD candidate)

Littleton, Colorado, USA

BA, English, University of Denver
MDiv, Phoenix Seminary
MLitt, Theology, Imagination & the Arts, University of St Andrews

Thesis topic
Travis's research is concerned with how a sacramental principle anchored in the Incarnation and operating transpositionally may help to discover the theological significance of myth or story as understood, articulated, and practiced by J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, so that it might be argued that these two writers felt story at its best to be sacramental - something that mediates a graciously given level of divine self-disclosure in and through symbolic and concrete form (in this case, a series of events meaningfully arranged in a narrative). In words more native to Tolkien's and Lewis's thought, myth and story may be understood as splinters of divine light refracted through man, the sub-creator, the maker of myths; 'a real though unfocussed gleam of divine truth falling on human imagination'.

Other information
Travis and his wife Jessica were married in Arizona in December 2003 and have three children: a son, Justus (born there in 2008) and two daughters born in Dundee - Piper (2010) and Keira (2012).