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Caron Gentry


Room: 106

Office Hours Wednesday 9:00-11:00

Tel: 2991



Caron did her undergraduate degree in Politics and Art History at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts.  Her PhD is from St. Andrews and it focused on women's involvement in revolutionary organisations.  She taught for eight years at Abilene Christian University in Texas previously.  Caron was President and Programme Chair of International Studies Assocation-West and a member-at-large for the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies section of International Studies Association.


IR 4542: Gender and Terrorism

IR 3043: Approaches to Counter-Terrorism


Research interests: Feminist Theory and Gender Studies, political violence, women as agents of political violence, feminist political theology


(with Laura Sjoberg) (2007) Mothers, Monsters, Whores. Zed Books: London.

(with Laura Sjoberg), eds. (2011) Women, Gender, and Terrorism. University of Georgia Press: Athens, GA. 

(2013) Offering Hospitality: Questioning Christian Approaches to War. University of Notre Dame: South Bend.

(with Amy Eckert), eds. (2014) The Future of Just War: New Critical Essays. University of Georgia Press: Athens, GA. forthcoming


(with Kathryn Whitworth) (2011) ‘The Discourse of Desperation: The Intersections of neo-Orientalism, Gender and Islam in the Chechen Struggle,’ Critical Studies in Terrorism, 4(2).

(2009) ‘Twisted Maternalism: From Peace to Violence,’ International Feminist Journal of Politics, 11(2).

(with Laura Sjoberg) (2008) Profiling Terror: Gendering the Strategic Logic of Suicide Terror and Other Narratives,’ Austrian Journal of Political Science, Issue 2. 

(with Laura Sjoberg) (2008) ‘Reduced to Bad Sex: Narratives of Violent Women from the Bible to the War on Terror,’ International Relations, 22(1). 

(2004) 'The Relationship between New Social Movement Theory and Terrorism Studies: The Role of Leadership, Membership, Ideology, and Gender,' Terrorism and Political Violence, 16(2).

Book Chapters

(2015) 'Religious Approaches to Peace through Non-Violence,' in Dimensions of Peace: Disciplinary and Regional Approaches. Oliver Richmond, Sandra Pogodda, and Jasmin Ramovic, eds. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.

 (2015) (with Laura Sjoberg) 'Female Terrorism and Militancy,' in The Routledge Handbook on Critical Terrorism Studies. Richard Jackson, ed.  Abingdon: Routledge.

 (2015) 'A Critical Discourse Analysis of Desperation in the Chechen Conflict,' inStudying Women, Violence, and War: New Perspectives.  Annick Wibben, ed. 

(forthcoming) 'Gender and Terrorism,' in Jennifer Mathers, ed. Handbook on War and Gender 

(2014) 'Epistemic Bias: Legitimate Authority and Politically Violent Non-State Actors,' in Critical Just War. University of Georgia Press: Athens, GA.

(2011) (with Laura Sjoberg) 'Gendering Women’s Terrorism in Historical Perspective,' in Women, Gender, and Terrorism. University of Georgia Press: Athens, GA.

 (2011) 'The Neo-Orientalist Narrations of Women’s Involvement in Al Qaeda,' in Women, Gender, and Terrorism. University of Georgia Press: Athens GA.

 (2011) 'The Committed Revolutionary: A Conversation with Leila Khaled,' in Women, Gender, and Terrorism. University of Georgia Press: Athens, GA.                                           

(2009) 'Women as Agents of Violence,' Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section, International Studies Association Compendium Project. Blackwell: London.


Second Year Coordinator

Editorial Positions

Associate Editor, International Journal of Feminist Politics

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