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Projects within the School

Freedoms at FDR MemorialThe School is committed to advancing the development of International Relations both as a discipline of academia and as a field of public policy. One of the methods the School uses is to adopt empirical and quantitative methods of research to aid both the Faculty and the students in achieving this aim. Whilst many of the School's research centres are at the forefront of this initiative, many individual members of the Faculty are engaged in a variety of projects in association with external bodies and organisations.


European Survey of Youth Mobilization (ESYM)
As a complementary component of the ongoing Intercultural Navigators Project, the British Council has partnered with the University of St Andrews to develop the European Survey of Youth Mobilization (ESYM), an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to the study of youth political activity. The ESYM, which is being conducted in Nordic, Baltic and Central European countries, as well as in Scotland, directly engages young people who self-identify as engaged in 'radical' political action, and explores how they understand their own motivations and their goals for political and social change.
Dr. Jeffrey S. Murer

The Third Generation Project

The Third Generation Project is an independent research and advocacy organisation that aims to prioritise collective rights and identify collective responsibilities.

The Project focuses on the collective human rights issues currently facing our world, such as the right to peaceful co-existence, climate justice, sustainable and community-led development, and cultural and community preservation.

Professor Ali Watson