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Some further useful links:


  • BASIC (British-American Security Information Council) internships in London and Washington
  • Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs)
  • European Centre for Conflict Prevention  NGO that promotes effective conflict prevention and peacebuilding strategies.
  • Foreign Policy Centre internships in foreign policy think-tank
  • Global Witness investigates and campaigns to prevent natural resource-related conflict and corruption
  • HTSPE development consultancy
  • Independent Diplomat new non-profit venture in the world of international relations, diplomacy and conflict prevention, offering internships in London, New York, Washington and Brussels.
  • Inkerman Group international business risk and intelligence company, based in Ashford. Occasionally recruit intelligence analysts.
  • The Institute for War & Peace Reporting
  • International Alert independent peacebuilding organisation
  • International Crisis Group
  • Institute For Conflict Research independent research organisation based in Belfast
  • Jane's Information Group specialist research and publishing in the areas of defence and law enforcement. Recruits individuals with specialist knowledge in areas such as International Relations, Strategic Studies, War Studies and Politics and also runs an internship programme.
  • Open Democracy Fundraising and media internships
  • Oxford Analytica Independent company providing analysis of world developments to business and government leaders. Recruits interns and conference assistants.
  • Oxford Research Group independent NGO working to promote a more sustainable approach to security
  • Panos Institute produces information for media on global development issues with a developing world perspective
  • Peace Brigades International
  • Peace Child International recruits volunteers for work in the UK, India and at the White House
  • Peace Direct volunteer opportunities
  • Peaceworkers UK Part of International Alert, provides training and research. Anyone with a serious interest in working in the field of conflict prevention, crisis management and peacebuilding can sign up to their online register.
  • Quaker Peace And Social Witness recruits one-year peaceworkers to serve in Geneva and around the UK. The site also includes links to other related organisations
  • Rights & Humanit* interns are involved in research and programme work
  • RUSI ( Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies)
  • Saferworld works to prevent violence  in places affected by violent crime, conflict and the impact of small arms and light weapons
  • VERTIC (Verification Research, Training and Information Centre) - promotes effective and efficient verification as a means of ensuring confidence in the implementation of international agreements.
  • War Child works with children affected by war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Recruits interns
  • Westminster Foundation For Democracy independent public body (funded by the FCO) working to achieve sustainable political change in emerging democracies. No formal internship programme, but occasional short-term opportunities.


UNITED STATES: is a good database for internships and jobs that is always kept up to date