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View of St Andrews from the West Sands

International Classification Conference 2011 Scientific Programme Sessions

    Sessions already with Organizers

  1. The Philosophy of Clustering (Christian Hennig)
  2. Educational Data Mining (Nema Dean)
  3. Data Analysis Methodology in Bourdieu (Mike Grenfell)
  4. Aspects of Computational Perception in Vision and Text (Fred Stentiford)
  5. Learning with a Human-in-the-Loop (Brian Mac Namee)
  6. Classification Problems in Survey Astronomy (Bob Mann)
  7. Ensemble Methods in Classification (Eugene Gatnar)
  8. Classification in Statistical Ecology (Carl Donovan)
  9. Kolmogorov Complexity, Session in Honour of Chris Wallace and Ray Solomonoff (Alex Gammerman)
  10. Supervised learning and diagnostic modelling in clinical research (Berthold Lausen)
  11. Statistical Musicology (Claus Weihs)
  12. Estimating and Visualizing High Dimensional Cluster Structure (Nema Dean and Rebecca Nugent)
  13. High Dimensional Bioinformatics (Rebecca Nugent)
  14. Ultrametric and Topological Methods (Patrick Erik Bradley)
  15. Correspondence Analysis and Applications (François Husson)

    Other Sessions

  16. Analysis of Large and Complex Data
  17. Data Analysis Software
  18. Information Storage and Retrieval, Library Science
  19. Knowledge Discovery in Data Base
  20. Mixture Analysis, Model-Based Methods
  21. Pattern Recognition
  22. Visualization
  23. Semantic Web, Semantic Networks
  24. Business Intelligence
  25. Symbolic Data Analysis
  26. Networks, Graphs
  27. Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods
  28. Data Stream Mining
  29. Multicriteria Optimization
  30. Consensus Methods
  31. Evolutionary Computing
  32. Spatial Classification
  33. Multi-Way Clustering
  34. Text
  35. Image and Signal Processing
  36. Spatial Planning, Archaeology, Geography, Geology
  37. Education, Psychology, Politics
  38. Management, Marketing
  39. Forensics
  40. Bioscience, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics
  41. Astronomy, Physics
  42. Linguistics
  43. Finance
  44. New Category, Not Already Covered