Dr Konrad M Lawson

Dr Konrad M Lawson

BA (Western Washington) MIA (Columbia) MA (Harvard) PhD (Harvard)


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E-mail: kml8@st-andrews.ac.uk
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Teaching and Research Interests

I teach modern East Asian history with courses this year on the Japanese empire and modern China. I have a broad interest in the aftermaths of modern war, and most of my research has been on the continuities and transformations of the 1940s transwar period. My first book manuscript explores the relationship between war crimes and treason in retribution against the military and police collaborators who helped maintain Japan’s wartime occupations in East and Southeast Asia up until its defeat in 1945. Other topics of interest are the global history of political retribution, early post-WWII Scandinavia, decolonisation in East and Southeast Asia, the colonial and post-colonial histories of Korea and Taiwan, Sino-Japanese cultural and political relations, and the transnational history of encounters and interactions with and within Asia. Increasingly, I am looking at ways to bring my research on early postwar and transwar East Asia into conversation with scholarship on Europe in the same period, and welcome opportunities for collaboration.




  • Liu, Jie “Wang Zhaoming and the ‘The Nanjing Nationalist government’: Between Collaboration and Resistance” in Daqing Yang, Jie Liu, Hiroshi Mitani, Andrew Gordon eds. Toward a History Beyond Borders: Contentious Issues in Sino-Japanese Relations. Harvard University Asia Center, 2011.
  • Medoruma, Shun “The Tauchee” in Asia: Magazine of Asian Literature Vol. 1 No. 2. (Autumn, 2006)

Under Review

  • “Universal Crime, Particular Punishment: Trying the Atrocities of the Japanese Occupation as Treason in the Philippines, 1947-1953”

Current Projects

  • Wartime Atrocities and the Politics of Treason in the Ruins of the Japanese Empire, 1937-1953 (Book Manuscript)
  • “Torture and the Democratic Police: U.S. Police Reforms in the Aftermath of Japanese Empire, 1945-1948” (Article)
  •  “From Death Squads to Stage Management: The Traitor Elimination Bureau in Shandong, 1938-1947” (Article)
  •  “Entering the City: Postwar and Civil War Public Security in Communist Yantai and Weihaiwei, 1945-1949” (Article)
  •  “Fork the Academy: An Alternative Model for Scholarly Collaboration” (Article)

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Teaching Duties

Honours Modules:  

MO3335 The Japanese Empire and its Aftermath, 1873-1952
MO3337 China's Revolutions, 1850-1989
MO4971 The City in East and Southeast Asia c. 1850-1950

Co-teaches on the following Postgraduate module:

MO5612 Global History, Globalisation, and its Histories