Prof Andrew Pettegree
Prof Andrew Pettegree

Professor Andrew Pettegree

BA, MA, DPhil (Oxon.), FRHistS

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Teaching and Research Interests

I began my career working on aspects of the European Reformation.  My first book was a study of religious refugee communities in the sixteenth century, and since then I have published on the Dutch Revolt, and on the Reformation in Germany, France and England, as well as a general survey history of the sixteenth century.  In the last years the focus of my research has shifted towards an interest in the history of communication, and especially the history of the book. I run a research group that in 2011 completed a survey of all books published before1601: the Universal Short Title Catalogue.  This work will continue, in 2012-2016, with work to incorporate new discoveries and continue the survey into the seventeenth century. In 2010 I published an award-winning study of The Book in the Renaissance, and early in 2014 I will publish The Invention of News: a study of the birth of a commercial culture of news publication in the four centuries between 1400 and 1800. I will return to the Reformation for a study of Luther’s writings for the Reformation anniversary of 2017..

I am the lead editor of two monograph series: the St Andrews Studies in Reformation History, and The Library of the Written Word.  In 2012 I began a three year term as Vice-President of the Royal Historical Society.

I welcome enquiries from potential postgraduate students working on any aspect of the Reformation or Book History.

Main Publications

  • The Invention of News. How the world came to know about itself (Yale University Press, 2014) [Details]
  • The Universal Short Title Catalogue (on-line resource:
  • The Book in the Renaissance (Yale University Press, 2010). Winner of the Phyllis Goodhart Gordan Prize.
  • NB. Netherlandish Books.  Books published in the Low Countries before 1601 (Brill, 2010)
  • Reformation and the Culture of Persuasion (Cambridge University Press, 2005) [Details]
  • Europe in the Sixteenth Century  (Blackwell, 2002) [Details]
  • The Reformation World  (Routledge, 2000) [Details]
  • Marian Protestantism: Six Studies, (St Andrews Studies in Reformation History, Ashgate, 1996)
  • Emden and the Dutch Revolt: Exile and the Development of Reformed Protestantism  (Oxford University Press, 1992) [Details]
  • The Early Reformation in Europe  (Cambridge University Press, 1992) [Details]
  • Foreign Protestant Communities in Sixteenth-Century London (Oxford University Press, 1986)

Administrative Duties

Founding Director, St Andrews Reformation Studies Institute

Director of the AHRC-funded Universal Short Title Catalogue project

Teaching Duties

Participates in the teaching of First Level Modern History and to the team-taught Master’s programmes in Reformation History and Book History.

Research Students

Current Research Students

  • Jamie CUMBY, 'The Lyonnais Book Industry from 1502 to 1562'
  • Mark ELKINS,  'Directives on health, sickness and death: how to be well, how to be ill, and how to die in early modern England'
  • Shanti GRAHELI, ‘The circulation and collection of Italian printed books in sixteenth-century France’
  • Brian HANSON, ‘"The worde of our soules health": Protestant piety and the English Bible in sixteenth-century England with particular reference to the writings of Thomas Becon’
  • Alexandra HILL,  ‘Analysis of the Stationers' Register and Printing in London 1557-1640’
  • Jan HILLGAERTNER,  ‘Printed newspaper in seventeenth century England, Germany, France and the Netherlands. The Impact of new media functionality on the reader’
  • Lucas KRINER,  ‘Lay involvement in the government of the Reformed church. A comparative study of Geneva and Philadelphia’
  • Saskia LIMBACH, 'Government Use of Print in the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th Century'
  • Amelie ROPER,  ‘The Culture of Music Printing in Sixteenth-Century Augsburg: Performing, Learning, Trading’
  • Jessica SIMONS, ‘Jesuit confession and the private absolution of heresy in sixteenth-century Italy’
  • Drew THOMAS,  ‘The industry of evangelism: Printing for the Reformation in Luther’s Wittenberg’

Graduated PhD Students

  • William NAPHY , 'Calvin and the consolidation of the Genevan Reformation'. 
  • Karin MAAG, 'Geneva and the development of Calvinist Higher Education, 1559-1610'. 
  • Christopher BRADSHAW , ‘Protestant polemic and the nature of evangelical dissent, 1538-1553’.
  • David WATSON, 'Jean Crespin, martyrologist, and the early French Reformation'.
  • Luc RACAUT, ‘Catholic perceptions of the Huguenots during the French Wars of Religion’.
  • Stuart FOSTER, 'Pierre Viret and France, 1559-1565’.
  • Philip CONNER , ‘Huguenot Heartland. Montauban during the French Wars of Religion’.
  • Augustine KELLY , ‘Catholic Devotional Literature in England, 1553-1620’.
  • Alexander WILKINSON, ‘Mary Queen of Scots in the Polemical Literature of the French Wars of Religion’
  • Alexandra KESS , ‘Johann Sleidan and the Protestant View of History’
  • Michael SPRINGER, ‘Church Building and the Forma ac Ratio. The Influence of John a Lasco’s Ordinance in Sixteenth-Century Europe’
  • Matthew HALL , ‘Printing in Lyon during the French Wars of Religion’
  • Lauren KIM, ‘French Royal Acts printed before 1601. A bibliographical study’
  • Sara BARKER,  ‘Developing French Protestant Identiy: the political and religious writings of  Anthoine de La Roche Chandieu (1534-1591)’
  • Philip JOHN, ‘The Paris book trade between the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre and the renewal of the Catholic League, 1572-1588’
  • Joanna MILSTEIN, ‘The Role of the Gondi family in French Government during the second half of the 16th century’
  • Jennifer WINTERS, ‘The Provincial book trade in England, 1520-1620’
  • Graeme KEMP, ‘The theme of religious conversion in seventeenth-century French printed books’
  • Sophie MULLINS,  ‘Latin Books Published in Paris, 1501-1540’
  • Nina LAMAL, 'Le orecchie si piene di Fiandra'.  Italian news and histories on the Revolt in the Netherlands (1566-1648)'

Main Publications

Europe in the Sixteenth Century

Reformation and the Culture of Persuasion

The Reformation World