Middle East History and Iranian Seminar Programme


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Seminars are held at 5.15 pm in the Old Seminar Room, 71 South Street, St Andrews (unless otherwise noted)

All Welcome

Thursday 3 March
Dr Ayman Shihadeh (SOAS)

'Early Commentaries on Avicenna and the Broader History of Arabic Philosophy'

Thursday 10 March
Dr Helen Pfeifer
“On Stage in the Ottoman Salon”

Thursday 31 March - Old Class Library - 5.15 pm
Prof Christopher MacEvitt (Dartmouth College)
“What was Crusader about the Crusader States?”

Thursday 7 April
Dr Tim Greenwood (St Andrews)
"Vernacular Legal Culture in Medieval Armenia:Endowment and Protection on the Margins of Empire"

Thursday 14 April
Dr Walter Posch (Vienna)
“Heretic Subjects and Military elite: the Qizilbash in the Ottoman Empire and Iran”

Monday 18 April
- New Seminar Room, 5.15pm
Dr Simon Jackson
'Drivers of History: Fords and Fordism between Beirut and Detroit, 1918-1940'

Thursday 21 April
Divinity Lecture 1, St Mary’s College, 5.15pm

Prof Sheila Blair (Boston College)
“On the Periphery: the Tomb Tower at Abarquh”