Undergraduate Handbook

The links below provide access to information and advice on a range of issues relating to teaching and learning relevant to undergraduate students undertaking courses at all levels in the School of History.

Full information on University matters relating to undergraduate students is available in the University Student Handbook. You should always refer to the University handbook in addition to the information below. The advice on this page is designed to highlight important aspects of the student handbook and to explain specific regulations and procedures in the School of History.


General information

- All School Staff
- School Office Holders
- School Contacts
- Key University Contacts
- Personal Details
- Health & Safety

Managing your studies

- Programmes and Degrees
- Advising (University Regulations)
- Sub-Honours Pre-Advising
- Honours Pre-Advising 2015-2016 (School of History) - online 27 March 2015
- Entry to Honours
- Leave of Absence
- Withdrawing from your course and Leave of Absence
- Study Abroad
- Timetables (2014-2015)
- September 2014 - Advising information
- Academic Alerts


- Student absence policy (University regulations)
- Absence from Classes (School of History)
- Orientation/Pre-Sessional Week


- Marking Scale - First and Second Levels
- Marking Scale - Honours Level
- Failing a module & Reassessment
- Good Academic Practice Policy (was: Academic Misconduct)
- Appeals, Complaints and Discipline
Continual Assessment
- Oral Assessment Criteria
- Feedback
- Extensions
- Penalties for late and short/long work
- Oral Assessment - Student Peer Assessment Form   [MS Word file for downloading]
- Oral Assessment - Tutor Assessment Form   [MS Word file for downloading]
- School Essay Style Guide
- How to write a good essay: some guidelines
- School Final Deadlines
- Examinations - General information & Timetables
- Absence from Exams
- Special Circumstances
- Deferred Assessment
- Exams - Frequently Asked Questions
- Past examination papers
- Illegible Exam Scripts
- Use of dictionaries in Exams
- Feedback on Examinations
Dissertations & Honours Projects
- Honours Dissertation in History
- 2015-16 Honours Dissertation Application Form
- Assessment Criteria for Dissertations
- History Honours Dissertation Handbook
- Dissertation Supervisors - Mediaeval History (updated annually)
- Dissertation Supervisors - Modern History (updated annually)
- Honours Project in History (HI4998)
- Recording the Past (HI4997)
- Ethical considerations and Approval Form for HI4999, HI4998, HI4997
- Printing and Binding
- 'S' Code
- Reporting of Module Results
- Reassessment
- Honours Classification
- Termination of Studies

Student Support

- Advice & Support Centre
- Student Support and Guidance (incl. disability)
- Recording Devices in Lectures
- Academic Flexibility for Students with Recognised Sporting Talent

Prizes, Awards & Internships

- Deans' List
- Prizes and Awards
- Research Internship Programme (URIP)

Student Representation

- Student-Staff Consultative Committees
- School President and class reps


- ID4002 Communication and Teaching in Arts and Humanities
- University Teaching and Research Ethics Committee (UTREC)
- Ethical Application

Further advice on these issues, and on any other matters relating to teaching and learning in the School of History, may be obtained from any member of staff.