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PhD Funding Opportunities

The Social Science of Coasts: Characterising Coastal Communities for Demographic Analysis

Supervisors: Dr T. A. Stojanovic, Professor A. Findlay, University of St Andrews

Funding Status: Three year fully funded competitive studentship

This three year fully funded studentship will research how Scotland’s coastal communities are responding to changes in population and the economy. Coastal settlements play unique roles as retirement towns, seaside resorts or seaports, but approaches to socio-demographic analysis and overall patterns of change are not well understood for coasts.  The research will be conducted in partnership with the Analytical Unit of Marine Scotland with opportunities for doing a placement.

The doctoral candidate will have a high 2:1 from their undergraduate degree, OR a distinction at masters level in relevant subjects such as Human Geography, Sociology or similar disciplines, OR strong relevant professional research experience. In line with ESRC eligibility criteria, only UK candidates will receive stipends, EU candidates may be considered for fees only awards. Please check the ESRC academic and residential eligibility criteria before applying: 

Candidates should have some experience with as many skills as possible from the following list:

  1. Quantitative analysis of longitudinal data and statistical methods
  2. Qualitative social scientific methods
  3. Understanding of the context of marine planning

Candidates will enter a competition for the PhD at the Department of Geography & Sustainable Development by submitting a

  1. One page letter of interest, with the header “PhD studentship on coastal communities”
  2. Your CV to Helen Olaez
  3. In addition, you must complete a University of St Andrews application for postgraduate study (for details of the application process see Postgraduate application page)

The closing date for applicants is Friday 29 August 2014

A short-list of candidates will be interviewed prior to the award being made: interviews will take place in early September and the appointment will start at the end of the month.

Please contact Dr Tim Stojanovic to discuss any issues relating to the PhD topic and Helen Olaez if you have any queries about the application process.