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Gowns, photography, DVDs and merchandise

Gown hire

You are required to order a gown and hood from Ede & Ravenscroft at least 21 days prior to the graduation ceremony at the following link:

Please note: if you have not already ordered a gown and hood you will have the opportunity to do so on the day of graduation from Ede & Ravenscroft at the Younger Hall and you will be charged extra on the day.

Male graduands are required to wear a dark lounge suit or kilt, white shirt and white bow tie and dark shoes.

Female graduands are required to wear dark skirt or trousers, white shirt/blouse and dark shoes.

Please note that jeans, trainers or other casual clothing are not permitted. You may be excluded from the ceremony if you are not wearing appropriate academic dress. 

Please note: for health and safety reasons we may ask you to remove items that could cause you harm or interfere with the proceedings. Mortar boards are not worn at the University of St Andrews graduation ceremonies.

Students can order their gowns and hoods from Ede & Ravenscroft.


We strongly recommend that you make arrangements for Graduation photography with a reputable photographer. In recent years some of our graduates have experienced difficulty, and disappointment, as a result of aggressively marketed but unreliable photography services offered by independent operators. You should ensure that your enjoyment of this unique and very special occasion is not spoiled in this way.

You will have the opportunity to have studio photographs taken by the University’s official photographers Tempest who will be situated in Parliament Hall, South Street  from Tuesday 23 June - Friday 26 June inclusive from 8.30am - 5.30pm each day where individual and family group photographs can be taken, you do not need to have taken part in your ceremony before attending the studios.  

An official Tempest photographer will be in the quad taking candid shots of graduates and their guests throughout the day, these shots are for University use as well as to purchase.  All of these photographs will be available to view on the Tempest website. Presentation photographs are taken as you cross the stage and will be available to view and purchase at St Salvator's Lawn immediately after your ceremony.

The presentation photographs and candid shots will be publicly available to view online and will remain in place on the Tempest Events website for the foreseeable future.  However, we do recommend that you purchase your photographs as soon as possible.

DVD / Video

The company who produce the official University DVDs and Videos of each graduation ceremony (and are also located outside Younger Hall each day during graduation) are Visions Unlimited.


University Retail Store

Graduation offer: 20% discount

The University Retail Store is the official retailer to the University of St Andrews. The store stocks a range of the finest Lambswool and Cashmere products, which are all made in Scotland. There is a varied selection of clothing, from stylish T-shirts and Hoodies to windproof jackets. A wide range of gifts are also available including – glassware, silver jewellery and leather goods. The ranges within the store will be constantly updated to include new gifts and seasonal collections of clothing. The University crest is featured on all products. All purchases help to support teaching and research at St Andrews.

Visit us: Market Street, St Andrews

Shop online:

Order by phone: +44 (0)1334 474390


Alumni T-shirts

There are a exciting range of contemporary alumni designs that can include your name and the names of your fellow classmates printed on the back.

Contact details

Graduation Office

Graduation enquiries

+44 1334 464104


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