Sean Slack
Sean Slack
Room: Bute A28
University of St Andrews,
School of Economics and Finance,
St. Andrews, Fife, KY16 9AR,
Scotland, U.K.
Office Hours Wednesdays, 9am - 11am (Room: Bute A28)
Tel: 8300
Email: ses34st-andrews.ac.uk


I obtained my BSc and MSc Economics degrees from the University of St Andrews and the London School of Economics(LSE) respectively. Upon receiving an AXA 2012 Doctoral Fellowship grant for research into Socio-Economic risk (one of five awarded in the UK) I have returned to St-Andrews to work with Professor David Ulph on Optimal Decision and Enforcement Procedures in the Tax-Benefit system.

Research Interests

Specifically, my research focuses on the following issues:

  1. Optimal Universal and Categorical Benefit design with Type I (false negative) and Type II (false positive) errors in benefit allocation     - where the Universal benefit aims to address income inequality amongst an able sub-population, whilst the Categorical benefit is imperfectly targeted at an unable sub-population.
  2. Tax Compliance, Benefit Fraud and Information sharing in the Tax-Benefit system
  3. Applying the general concept of Legal Uncertainty, first formalised by Katsoulacos and Ulph(2010) within a competition policy context,  into a Tax-Benefit framework


Thesis title: Optimal Decision and Enforcement Procedures for Social Policy: The Tax-Benefit System

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