Jim Y. Jin
Jim Y. Jin
Senior Lecturer
Room: F11
University of St Andrews,
School of Economics and Finance,
St. Andrews, Fife, KY16 9AR,
Scotland, U.K.
Office Hours Tuesday/Thursday 3-4pm
Tel: 2447
Email: jyjst-andrews.ac.uk


Jim Jin joined the University of St Andrews in 2002. He has a BSc in physics, and an MSc and Ph.D. in economics.


Research Interests

Industrial organization, information economics and other microeconomic topics.

Selected Publications

  • (2011) "R&D-Induced Industry Polarization and Shakeouts" (with R. Amir and C. Halmenschlager), International Journal of Industrial Organization <sciencedirect>
  • (2010) "Robust Results on the Sharing of Firm-Specific Information: Incentive and Welfare Effects" (with R. Amir and M. Troege), Journal of Mathematical Economics <sciencedirect>
  • (2009) "Firm-level Social Return to Education" (with P. Martins), Journal of Population Economics <springerlink.com>
  • (2008) "On Additive Spillovers and Returns to Scale in R&D" (with R. Amir and M. Troege), International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 26, pp. 695-703 <sciencedirect>

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