Discussion paper series

The School of Economics and Finance at the University of St Andrews has made the decision to stop printing discussion papers.

Most of our discussion papers can be downloaded here in PDF format. The School Discussion Paper Series has ISSN 0962-4031 for all discussion papers issued up to 2013. From 2014 onwards the series exists only in online format, with the new ISSN 2055-303X. The series is listed on RePEc.

The Centre for Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis (CDMA) has its own discussion paper series

Click on a highlighted title to downloaded a paper in pdf format. (Get Acrobat Reader)

(Staff only: You can find information on submitting papers to the two discussion paper series on the staff intranet, or just submit).

1611Oliver de Groot 'What order? Perturbation methods for stochastic volatility asset pricing and business cycle models'
1610Antonio Mele and Radoslaw Stefanski 'Velocity in the Long Run: Money and Structural Transformation'
1609Georgios Gerasimou 'An Impossibility for Objectively Rational Preferences'
1608Torfinn Harding, Radoslaw Stefanski and Gerhard Toews 'Boom goes the price: Giant resource discoveries and real exchange rate appreciation'
1607Margaret Leighton, Priscila Souza and St├ęphane Straub 'Social Promotion in Primary School: Immediate and Cumulated Effects on Attainment'
1606Irina Merkurieva 'Late Career Job Loss and the Decision to Retire'
1605Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti 'Dual Random Utility Maximisation'
1604Ozge Senay and Alan Sutherland 'Country Portfolios, Collateral Constraints and Optimal Monetary Policy'
1603Ozge Senay and Alan Sutherland 'Optimal Monetary Policy, Exchange Rate Misalignments and Incomplete Financial Markets'
1602Yannis Katsoulacos, Evgenia Motchenkova and David Ulph 'Measuring the Effectiveness of Anti-cartel Interventions: A Conceptual Framework'
1601Alex Trew 'Endogenous Infrastructure Development and Spatial Takeoff'
1513David Freeman, Paola Manzini, Marco Mariotti and Luigi Mittone 'Procedures for Eliciting Time Preferences'
1512Vibhor Saxena and P.C. Bhattacharya 'Inequalities in accessing LPG and electricity consumption in India: The role of caste, tribe, and religion'
1511Georgios Gerasimou 'A Characterization of Risk-Neutral and Ambiguity-Averse Behavior'
1510Luc Bridet and Margaret Leighton 'The Major Decision: Labor Market Implications of the Timing of Specialization in College '

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