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Theology in Scotland logo (normal)Theology in Scotland is sponsored by the School of Divinity, University of St Andrews (St Mary's College) and appears twice yearly, in spring and autumn. It was first published in 1994 at the request of a large group of ministers of the Church of Scotland.

With a mix of academic and practical articles and stimulating reviews, it is an ideal tool to help keep up-to-date with current theological thinking.

Current issue

Theology in Scotland 22 no. 1 (Spring 2015)

Gregory of Nazianzus: On being a theologian

Eirini Artemi (Theologian and Classical Philologist, working for the Archdiocese of Athens)

Dr Eirini Artemi’s paper explores the teaching of Gregory of Nazianzus (329–390 AD) on exactly what it is that qualifies someone to be called a theologian. Focusing particularly on his Twentieth Oration, On Theology, she places his thought on the subject against the background of a period in which many heresies had recently made their appearance, and when many ‘pseudo-theologians’ had come to prominence. Her paper explains why, at a time when orthodoxy was being severely tested, it was crucial that Gregory should set out the required conditions if someone was to become a true theologian and to connect closely with the vision of God.

Film in church: Education, entertainment and outreach

Robin Hill (Church of Scotland Parish Minister)

Dr Robin Hill’s interest in using film to develop the life and work of the parish church was sparked by an assertion made by a fellow minister that the cinema had superseded the church as the place in Scottish public life which offered people a forum for considering spiritual and ethical issues. In this immensely practical paper he describes how his congregation set up a film club with the aim of retaking some of this lost ground. Included are an outline of the legal requirements to be considered with a venture of this kind; a list of films that worked well in stimulating serious discussion; and creative ideas on using film to enable churches to engage more deeply with their local communities.

Recent sacramental developments in the Kirk

Mark MacLeod (Probationary Minister for the Church of Scotland)
This extended paper examines the procedure of the Church of Scotland in relation to the admission of children to the Eucharist before they make a public profession of faith. It considers the Kirk’s current legislation on paedocommunion in the context of: the Reformed doctrine of the sacraments; eighteenth-century discussion of the question; the protracted debate on the issue in recent decades; and the influence of the sacramentology of Karl Barth. It concludes by raising some important questions about the logic of the Kirk’s present practice and doctrine relating to the issue.

Books reviewed:

  • Eric Stoddart, Advancing Practical Theology: Critical Discipleship for Disturbing Times
  • Berndt Hamm, The Early Luther: Stages in a Reformation Reorientation
  • Karen Kilby, Balthasar: A (Very) Critical Introduction
  • Darren O. Sumner, Karl Barth and the Incarnation: Christology and the Humility of God
  • Andrew Shepherd, The Gift of the Other: Levinas, Derrida, and a Theology of Hospitality

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