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Eric Stoddart

Lecturer in Practical Theology

es61My main research interests lie in surveillance and in digital technologies more generally - all from a practical theological perspective.

In a nutshell, I am curious about the faith which our societies place in technologies as supposed solutions to relationship challenges across a whole host of levels and in a multitude of contexts.

This integrates my explorations of citizenship, ecclesial communities and gadgets.

By developing an inter-disciplinary research network I am keen to facilitate critical enquiry into the surveillance of religious groups and those groups use of surveillance to monitor and orchestrate the behaviour of their own members.

I am open to enquiries for PhD supervision in practical theological investigations of digital technologies and, most specifically, of mechanisms of surveillance.

Explanations of my surveillance research for academics, the public, and professionals are now available.

I am a member of the International Academy of Practical Theology (IAPT).

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I am currently the editor of the journal Practical Theology. Editorial enquiries and submission of articles for publication:


New Book: Theological Perspectives on a Surveillance Society: Watching and Being Watched

Published 18 May 2010 by Ashgate.

Theological Perspectives on a Surveillance Society

This book looks at contemporary surveillance practices and ideologies from a Christian theological perspective. Surveillance studies is an emerging, inter-disciplinary field that brings together scholars from sociology, criminology, political studies, computing and information studies, cultural studies and other disciplines.

Although surveillance has been a feature of all societies since humans first co-operated to watch over one another whilst hunting and gathering it is the convergence of information technologies within both commerce and the state that has ushered in a 'surveillance society'.

There has been little, if any, theological consideration of this important dimension of social organisation; this book fills the gap and offers a contribution to surveillance studies from a theological perspective, broadening the horizon against which surveillance might be interpreted and evaluated.

This book is also an exercise in consciousness-raising with respect to the Christian community in order that they may critically engage with a surveillance society by drawing on biblical and theological resources. Being the first major theological treatment in the field it sets the agenda for more detailed considerations.

Published by Ashgate.

Contact details

Dr Eric Stoddart
Lecturer in Practical Theology

St Mary's College
The School of Divinity
University of St Andrews
South Street
St Andrews
Fife KY16 9JU
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: + 44 (0)1334 462841
Fax: + 44 (0)1334 462852

Skype: es61andrews


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