Research Fellowship

Due to changes in academic staff the Centre is currently considering its programme of activities, and for the time being it is not appointing visiting fellows beyond the end of the current calendar year (2015).

With financial assistance from a variety of external sources which have included the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Scots Philosophical Club and Tennent Caledonian Breweries Ltd, and support from the University of St Andrews, the Centre offers visiting research fellowships to philosophers on study leave, and occasionally to other suitably qualified persons.

See below for list of former and current fellows

Information about Visiting Fellowships

Fellowships are open to all suitably qualified people, but they are intended primarily for professional philosophers and social or political theorists on study leave from their own institutions. Fellows must engage in an area of philosophy relevant to the work of the Centre, but this requirement is broadly interpreted. Fellows are also expected to take part in Centre activities that take place during their tenure of the fellowship; fellows also participate in and contribute to research seminars in the Department of Moral Philosophy.

The fellowships carry the following benefits:

Residential Accommodation

This is normally University accommodation paid for directly by the Centre, but where the Centre is unable to provide suitable accommodation an allowance is payable instead. If provided with furnished housing, fellows will be responsible for heating, lighting and telephone charges.

Office Accommodation

Fellows are normally allocated an office in the Department of Moral Philosophy for their exclusive use. In most cases this will be equipped with a telephone and a personal computer. There are additional computing facilities throughout the University.


In addition to the main University Library the Departments of Moral Philosophy and Logic and Metaphysics share a class library of about 4000 volumes plus journals. Within the Department of Moral Philosophy there is also the Hall/McNeilly Research Library. This specialises in moral, legal and political philosophy (and their histories). Finally there are philosophy holdings in the Library of St Mary's College, the home of the Divinity Faculty. Visiting fellows will have access to all these facilities.

Travel Grants

Small grants may be made towards the cost of travel to St Andrews, and additional grants for travel from St Andrews to other universities may be awarded. In both cases these grants are subject to proven need and to available funds.


The closing date for applications for Visiting Research Fellowships is 30th November of the academic year prior to that in which the fellowship is to be held. Applicants should send a CV, a research proposal, the names of two referees, and an indication of the preferred ten to twelve week period during which the fellowship would be held. All enquiries relating to fellowships should be made to the Director, but applications themselves should only be sent to:

The Director of Human Resources
College Gate
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
Fife KY16 9AL
United Kingdom


Former and current fellows

The programme has grown from its inception in 1984 and now normally supports three or more fellows a year. Appointment to fellowships is by competition. To date some 110 fellows (from 18 countries) have been appointed:
(US: 42; UK 32; Canada 7; Australia 5; Belgium, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Poland and Sweden 2 each; Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa 1 each) as follows:


Dr Balazs Zoltan, Corvinus University, Hungary.

Prof. Thomas Williams, University of South Florida, USA

Prof. Emanuela Ceva, University of Pavia, Italy


Dr Thomas Mroz, University of Zielona Gora, Poland

Prof. Charles Kurth, Washington University, USA

Prof. Erik Wielenberg, DePauw University, USA

Prof. Kyla Ebels-Duggan, Northwestern University, USA

Prof. Helga Varden, University of Illinois, USA


Dr Christine Straehle, University of Ottawa, Canada

Dr Christopher Belshaw, Open University, UK

Prof. Michael Beaty, Department of Philosophy, Baylor University, USA

Prof. Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen, Lund University, Sweden


Dr Jonas Olson, Stockholm University, Sweden

Dr. Íngrid Vendrell Ferran, Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany

Prof. Jason Eberl, Indiana University-Purdue University, USA

Dr Wolfgang Ertl, Keio University, Japan

Dr Tomasz Zuradzki, Institute of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University, Poland


Professor David Dudrick, Colgate University USA

Prof. Ruth Groenhout, Calvin College, USA

Prof. Don Fallis, University of Arizona, USA


Professor Jason Kawall, Colgate University USA

Prof. Sarah Conly, Bowdoin College, USA

Prof. Andrew Brennan, La Trobe University, Australia

Dr Norva Lo, La Trobe University, Australia

Dr Adrian Walsh, University of New England, Australia

Dr Robert Lamb, University of Exeter, UK

Prof. Roger Scruton, UK


Dr Kimberely Brownlee, University of Manchester, UK

Prof. Lloyd Gerson, University of Toronto, Canada

Prof. Richard Momeyer, Miami University, Ohio, USA


Prof. David Sobel, University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA.

Dr Marian Kuna, University of Ruzomberk, Slovakia

Mr Basil O'Neill, University of Dundee, UK


Prof. Steven Lee, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, USA.

Prof Dale E. Miller, Old Dominion University, VA, USA.

Dr David Shaw, Philosophical Quarterly Fellow, 2006-07


Prof. Jason Kawall, Colgate University, NY, USA.

Prof. Timothy Chappell, Open University, UK

Dr Niall Maclean, Philosophical Quarterly Fellow, 2005-06


Prof. David McCabe, Colgate University, USA

Prof. Paul Carrick, Gettysburg College, USA

Prof. Jonathan Jacobs, Colgate Univestiry, USA

Dr Pierre Destree, Univesite Louvian-la-Neuve, Belgium


Prof. David Solomon, University of Notre Dame, USA

Prof. Christopher W. Taylor, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Glen Newey, Strathclyde University, UK

Prof. F. D. Miller, Jr. Bowling Green, USA

Dr Larry Siedentop, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Benedict Young, International Development Education Assoc., UK

Dr Thom Brooks, University of Newcastle, UK


Dr Stefaan Cuypers, University of Louvain, Belgium

Dr Catherine Collobert, University of Ottawa, Canada


Gareth Williams, University of Lancaster, UK


Elisabetta Galleotti, Università del Piemonte Orientale, Italy

Dr. John Hittinger, USAF Academy, USA


Prof. James Griffin, University of Oxford, UK

Prof. Ronald Beiner, University of Toronto, Canada


Dr. Andrew Moore, University of Otago, New Zealand

+ Prof. William Aiken, Chatham College, USA

Prof. Jonathan Jacobs, Colgate University, USA


Prof. Bonnie Kent, Columbia University, USA

Prof. Jonathan Riley, Tulane University, USA

Dr. Robert Brecher, University of Brighton, UK


Dr. Stefaan Cuypers, K. U. Leuven, Belgium

Prof. Michael Pakaluk, Clark University, USA

Dr. Geoffrey Cupit, University of Waikato, New Zealand


Dr. Philip Stratton-Lake, Keele University, UK

Dr. Keith Graham, Bristol University, UK

Lord Alton of Liverpool, House of Lords, UK


Prof. Robert Van Wyck, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Prof. Nicholas Wolterstorff, Yale University, USA

+ Prof. John Arthur, Binghampton University, SUNY, USA

Prof. Wendy Donner, Carleton University, Canada


Prof. C. A. J. Coady, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. David Archard, University of Ulster, UK

Ms Susan Kin Zaw, Open University, UK

+ Prof. James Child, Bowling Green State University, USA

Prof. Karen Bell, California State University Fresno, USA


Prof. Lisa Portmess, Gettysburg College, USA

Prof. Edward J. Bond, Queens University, Canada

Dr. Kryztof Gurba, Jaggielonian University, Poland

Prof. Janos Nyiri, Institute of Philosophy, Hungary

+ Dr. Jorge Arregui, University of Navarre, Spain


+ Dr. Terence McLaughlin, University of Cambridge, UK

Dr. Paula Boddington, University of Bristol, UK

+ Prof. William Aiken, Chatham College, USA

+ Prof. Howard Sobel, University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Joanna Pasek, University of Warsaw, Poland

Miss Jennifer Jackson, University of Leeds, UK


Prof. Mikael Karlsson, University of Iceland

Dr Edward Winters, University of Westminster, UK

Prof. Rex Martin, University of Kansas, USA

Prof. Bart Gruzalski, Northeastern University, USA

Prof. Mark Nelson, Hampden-Sidney College, USA


Dr. Dafydd Elis Thomas, MP, House of Commons, (now Lord Thomas) UK

Prof. Daniel Farrell, Ohio State University, USA

+ Dr. Elizabeth Pybus, University of Glasgow, UK

Dr. Igor Primoratz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


Prof. James Smit, Orange Free State University, South Africa

Prof. Richard Werner, Hamilton College, USA

Prof. George Graham, University of Alabama, USA


Dr. Ross Harrison, King's College, Cambridge, UK

Prof. David Carr, University of Edinburgh, UK

Prof. Richard Brook, Bloomsburg University, USA


Ms. Suzanne Uniacke, University of Wollongong, Australia

Ms. Attracta Dunlop, University College, Dublin, Eire

Prof. Max Hocutt, University of Alabama, USA


Dr. Zenon Stavrinides, University of Leeds, UK.

Prof. Hugh LaFollette, East Tennessee State University, USA


Dr. Julius Tomin, University of Oxford, UK


Mrs. Mary Midgley, University of Newcastle, UK