St Andrews Prize for the Environment

The University of St Andrews and ConocoPhillips have announced the finalists for the 2015 international St Andrews Prize for the Environment.

Centre Visiting Fellows
for the 2014-15 academic session

Fellows and their areas of research while resident in the Centre

All year
1. Prof. Erik Wielenberg
Department of Philosophy, DePauw University, USA.
Project: Could there be a secular version of the virtue of humility?

September to December 2014
2. Prof. Charles Kurth
Department of Philosophy, Washington University, USA.
Project: Moral Anxiety: what it is and why it matters

3. Dr. Tomasz Mroz
Institute of Philosophy, University of Zielona Gora, Poland.
Project: The influence of Scottish classical scholarship on Polish Platonic Studies
(additional association with Classics) *

January to March
4. Dr Emanuela Ceva
Department of Political & Social Sciences, Pavia University, Italy
Project: The Value of democracy: extrinsic but not instrumental?

(additional association with International Relations) *

April to June
5. Prof. Thomas Williams
Departments of Philosophy and of Religious Studies, University of South Florida, USA.
Project: Translation of Duns Scotus's writings on ethics and moral psychology
(additional association with
Divinity) *

St Andrews Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs

Recent books include

Religious Belief and its Place in Society by Stephen Clark,

Profit, Prudence and Virtue: Essays in Ethics, Business and Management
(eds) Samuel Gregg & James Stoner; and

Practical Philosophy: Ethics, Culture and Society by John Haldane.

Natural Law, Economics and the Common Good (eds) Samuel Gregg & Harold James