Gifford Lectures

The Gifford Lectureships were established by Adam Lord Gifford (1820–1887), a senator of the College of Justice in Scotland. The purpose of Lord Gifford's bequest to the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews and Aberdeen was to sponsor lectures to 'promote and diffuse the study of Natural Theology in the widest sense of the term—in other words, the knowledge of God'.

St Andrews Gifford Lecturers

2010 Roger Scruton The Face of God    
2007 Sir Martin Rees Cosmic Perspectives    
2002 Peter van Inwagen The Problem of Evil    
2000 Stanley Hauerwas The Grain of the Universe    
1999 Robert Adams God and Being    
1998 Marilyn Adams The Coherence of Christology    
1996 Michael Dummett Thought and Reality    
1995 Nicholas Wolterstorff Reid and Epistemology    
1993 Roger Penrose Physical Reality    
1992 Arthur Peacocke Nature, God and Humanity    
1990 Hilary Putnam Renewing Philosophy    
1989 Walter Burkert Tracks of Biology    
1986 Antony Flew The Logic of Mortality    
1984 Adolf Grunbaum Psychoanalysis and Science    
1983 John Macquarrie In Search of Deity    
1982 Donald Charlton New Images of the Natural    
1980 Gregory Vlastos Socrates: Ironist / Philosopher    
etc, to        
1889 Andrew Lang The Making of Religion