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A degree from Scotland's first university is an excellent start to any future career. St Andrews has a reputation for excellence and the ability to attract the brightest students worldwide. With this as a starting point you are well on the way to impressing future employers.

Film Studies is a new discipline in the twentieth century - the department at St Andrews was only established in 2004 - however, the focus on film through history, culture, and society draws on multiple critical approaches and disciplinary foundations. A degree in film, as part of a joint honours programme, will prepare you for a wide range of career options. The multidisciplinary nature of your degree makes you a versatile graduate who is adept at adjusting to new developments and practices. Your abilities to research and create complex arguments about a range of texts, both visual and literary, are among your strengths as you enter the job market; for more details, refer to the ‘Employability Profile’ below.

Your film degree can enable you to enter a wide range of careers, including journalism, advertising, arts administration, film, marketing, public relations, publishing, TV & radio, and teaching, to name just a few. The skills you acquire in critical thinking, research, and communication can make you an attractive candidate across many fields, from retail to finance.

Where do our graduates go?


Where are they now?

Vicky is an MA Modern History and MLitt Film Studies graduate of the University of St Andrews. She is an Assistant Producer with IMG/European Tour Productions.

Read Vicky's and other Film Studies graduates case studies to hear what their jobs involve, how they got there, and how to successfully follow the same career path.

Modern Television Research and Development Assistant
Seventh Kingdom Productions Floor Runner - Assistant Director
Greenscreen Productions Marketing & PR Assistant
Ayr RFC Freelance Writer
Montana Conservation Corps Field Crew Leader
BBC Written Archives Center Senior Archives Assistant
bigmouthmedia Media Architect
Bauer Media Broadcast Journalist

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Postgraduate study/research

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Advisers are able and willing to discuss postgraduate applications - vocational and academic.

Summer internships/work experience

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Work experience is becoming ‘essential’ in the UK when it comes to securing graduate level employment, with those having experience in the workplace being three times more likely to land a job offer than those without.

62% of graduating St Andrews' students have had internship experience by the time they graduate, the fifth highest percentage in the UK.

High Fliers - The UK Graduate Careers Survey 2013.

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Employability profile: what you can offer employers

The profile below identifies the skills that can be developed through the study of your discipline based on subject benchmark statements developed by UK higher education academic communities.

A graduate in Film Studies typically will have the ability to:


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