Graduation ceremony

On Friday 13 September 2013 Younger Hall will be filled with some of the best minds of our generation. Among them will be Hillary Clinton who will give an eve-of-summit address and will be awarded an Honorary Degree alongside other international scholars and thinkers.

The Honourable Hillary Rodham Clinton Former United States Secretary of State
Professor Mary Beard Classicist
Professor Dame Gillian Beer Literary critic and leading figure at the interface between science and literature
Sir Tim Berners-Lee Computer scientist (inventor of the world wide web)
Professor Judith Butler Gender theorist, philosopher
Professor Nancy Cartwright Philosopher (science, economics and physics)
Professor Natalie Zemon Davis Historian of the early modern period
Professor Persi Diaconis Mathematician (and former professional magician)
Dame Jane Goodall Primatologist and conservationist
Professor Sir Timothy Gowers Mathematician (functional analysis)
Professor E Nigel Harris Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, medic
Professor Peter Higgs Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics University of Edinburgh
Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch Historian (history of the Church, the Reformation)
Lord Oxburgh Geologist and geophysicist
Professor Ram Rao

Chemist (spectroscopy, solid state chemistry and superconductors)

Professor Sir Michael Rutter Psychiatrist
Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern Anthropologist
The Right Revd Dr Rowan Williams Theologian and cleric