The campaign

In celebrating our past, we aim to safeguard our future; marking the University’s 600th anniversary with a £100 million fundraising campaign.

Our modest, some would say miniscule, endowment of £50 million is dwarfed by those of our wealthier competitors. While we are good at attracting research funding in a fierce marketplace, we lack the means to provide the one thing we value most – opportunity for talented students irrespective of means.

With £100 million we can turn the brightest students into the leaders of tomorrow; people who have been educated to think critically, to act ethically, and who will make the great discoveries that shape the world.

Keeping ahead

Leading the academic field

Home and abroad

Taking Scotland to the world

A better chance

Opening our doors more widely

Life on earth

Addressing the threats that face us

Land and sea

Learning from the earth and its oceans

Living here

Looking after our students

Arches and artefacts

Preserving our built and made heritage