Guest speakers
Industrial Vent Bored Angel Detroit Ruin
Steven Connor Harvie Ferguson Michael Chanan Abstracts/Programme
'Exhaust: On Aerial Rejectamenta.'
Steven Connor is Professor of Modern Literature & Theory at Birkbeck College (University of London).
'Boredom and Disgust: Spiritual Muck and the Limits of Corporeality.'
Harvie Ferguson is Professor of Sociology at the University of Glasgow.
Special film presentation and Q&A with Michael Chanan, co-director and co-producer (with George Steinmetz) of the 2005 film, 'Detroit: Ruin of a City.' Abstracts listed alphabetically by speaker. A provisional programme (in PDF form) is also available.

Building on the work of the AHRC Centre for Environmental History at the University of St Andrews in our historical and cultural studies of waste, and our successful international workshops (organised with our Centre partners at the University of Stirling) of 2003 and 2004, this conference will bring together speakers from disciplines such as history, language and literature, sociology, geography, environmental history, architecture and the history of art to explore the complex nature of the relationship between modernity and waste.

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