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Rather Rock Than Bop?

Lewis Rocking Out

We're one of the biggest societies here in St Andrews, and we're definitely the loudest. Don't let that put you off though. ;)
Every second Thursday (more or less), we descend on Sandy's Bar in the Students' Union and rock out as we host St Andrews' ONLY rock, metal and alternative club night. Our DJs serve up the best tunes in St Andrews all night long, providing a kick-ass soundtrack to your night of rock and roll fuelled mayhem. (Usually consisting of head banging, drinking games, moshing and general rocking out.)
Why not head on over to the Events page to see what we've got planned? We've also got a Gallery full of awesome photos from our various events.

Love Live Music?

Exit State

Like live music? As well as our popular club nights, we also arrange a whole bunch of other stuff throughout the year ranging from small-scale pub crawls right the way up to massive events such as This Is Hallowe'en. Oh, and we also bring in bands and have kick-ass gigs.
Over the years we've had loads of bands up. Some of our favourites include Exit State, Marseille (Yes, Art Attack's Neil Buchanan is their guitarist), Man Made Origin and Precious & Grace. We've always got stuff planned, so check out the Events page to find out what's coming up.

Are You Friendly?

This Is Hallowe'en

Damn straight! Of course we are. Just look at all those happy faces in the photo up there! RockSoc is pretty much one big happy family, so if you fancy meeting around 300 people who have similar interests to you, just drop by any of our events.

Can I Join In?

Sash Man

You certainly can! All of our events are open to everyone, so just show up, pay the entry fee (£3 for a club night) and rock out!
You can also become a member of the society for £3. For your hard-earned cash you get cheaper entry into all of our events, access to our merch (T-shirts, hoodies, etc.) and a whole host of other benefits. (Free drinks at our AGM, for example)
You can also get involved in other ways! Why not try your hand at becoming one of our DJs? Keep an eye on our Facebook page for information on that one. We also hold elections each year to get new people onto the RockSoc committee. There are a whole bunch of positions you can run for, such as President, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, DJ Officer and more.

Are You Social?

Big Ass Jagermeister Banner

Yep! We've got our very own Facebook page, and we encourage you all to like it! You'll get useful information such as updates about RockSoc events and competitions straight to your news feed. Awesome, right?
We also tweet over at @starocksoc, so you can follow us and stuff, if you're into that kinda thing.

Are you awesome? You should like us on Facebook.